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I am the silly “authoress” of Nuanced & Hyphenated. What you find contained in the other pages will likely tell you enough about me.

But just in case you’re curious…

Demographix: I’m likely not as tall as you are.

Geographix: I lived in Dhaka, Bangladesh for four years, although my family heritage from both parents is strictly Sylheti (one parent from each side of the border). Fun Fact: One of my four grandparents looked exactly like Mulan’s dad. I lived in Orange County, Southern California, for seven years and can still find a sturdy wooden frame for shelter in my sleep in the case of seismic activity. The Black Hills of South Dakota, where I had grown to love watching the seasons change and falling leaves turn to snow, remains the only place I have ever felt completely at home. I transitioned from adolescence to adulthood in my seven years in the Twin Cities, MN, where I both literally and metaphorically fell on my face innumerable times. In The Land of Dairy and Breweries, WI, I now advise my friends against moving back in with their parents if they have ever lived independently, even if it will save them money in the short term. It’s just a bad idea.

Politix: Vote.

Academix: Clinical Psychology, gradually focusing in on identity development over the next ten years.

The Dream: This decade: Intending to work on identity development research part-time and to work with clients full-time. If I am able to create more time in my day, I hope to work with young adults through masajid/various Muslim resource centers. Decades after: Continuing to work full-time with clients, teaching AP Psych at a local high school, networking with organizations affiliated with my profession and subcultures, and at some point serving as a member on my local school board wherever it may be at the time.

Other: Hobbies I don’t quite have down yet but am exploring are biking (road only so far), swimming, running, reading and cooking vegetables. I would be vegetarian but I’m Muslim and there seems to be some issue there. And I am reasonably literate in at least three scripts, although you will find typos in all of them because my little fingers can’t spell as well as my mind can…but we’re working on that. For a while, I only drank water and gave up juices (I still avoid soda) because I forgot that we had two kidneys and not just one. Not for the first time, NatGeo changed my ways, and now I like cranberry-grape and apple juice. I gave up “USDA Certified Organic” products because they’re just lies anyway (farmer’s market wins again). I refuse to eat seafood after taking an oceanography class (also I’m anaphylactic so it was only a matter of time until we parted ways due to irreconcilable differences).

Important: If I could have anything right now, it would be two Siberian Huskies. But only if they’re puppies so I don’t get scared of my own pets and we have sufficient time to bond. Or I suppose I’d settle for a pug and a kitten.

Arguments: Not so much; I have no qualms with conceding any point, so you don’t have to yell (or type in all caps).

Caution: I indulge in studying perspectives, so indulge me and I will be indebted to you.



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